Back in July, we sent out an email to notify our customers that we will be ending our email hosting services effective December 1st.

If you have migrated to another email hosting service since that initial notification, thank you. If you have not yet migrated, there is still plenty of time to do so, but we strongly recommend that you begin the process to avoid a rush at the end.

While we are not endorsing any particular email hosting provider, we can suggest several options, including:

If you would like to have a knowledgeable IT company assist you, we recommend that you speak with Worldband @ 508-478-8555. Worldband can help you select the appropriate service for your needs and assist you in making a smooth transition.

It is up to you to choose a provider and migrate your email services to them when you are ready. We will provide lists of email accounts and addresses, including aliases and distribution lists, and make any necessary DNS changes as required, but will not be performing any migration consulting or operations.

It is essential that you make migration plans well in advance of December 1st. Waiting until the days just before could easily lead to disruption of your email if the transition is not completed in time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Please Note

There is no change to any of our other non-email related offerings. We are actively hosting and developing websites and would love to hear from you if you have any web development needs.