Web Site Maintenance

Don’t have the time to keep up with your website. Let us help to do it for you!

Ashdown Technologies can help you keep your website fresh and up-to-date, even if we didn’t design it and don’t host it.

Web site maintenance is a core part of our business and we have developed a customized system to make it easy to submit your maintenance requests. This ensures that you task gets seen and handled by one of our web experts in a timely, accurate and professional manner.

How much does Web Site Maintenance cost?

We have plans to cover everyone from small to large:

  • If you have small, infrequent web site changes, we can provide you service at our hourly rate of $150/hour, broken down in 15 minute increments. Since many small jobs take around 15 minutes, this results in a very reasonable charge of $37.50.
  • For those people who have frequent, monthly updates to your web site, we have maintenance plans starting as low as $75/month for up to 1 hour per month and $150/month for up to 2 hours per month. These maintenance plans can help you realize significant cost savings over paying piecemeal for work to be done and come with a guarantee that your work will be done within 5 business days or it’s free!  If you need certain tasks done in 1 business day that can be accommodated for an additional charge.
  • Need more time per month or priority 1-day turn-around for your changes? We have plans for you too! Contact us for more details.


Talk to us about how we can help you with your web site maintenance needs. Call 508-476-3200 or contact us today!

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