WordPress is a great tool for developing and maintaining a web site or blog.  But with popularity comes risk.  Hackers attack the most popular software because it gives them the most return for their nefarious efforts.

Major News Sources Issue A Warning

A recent flaw in a WordPress element, and its subsequent employment by hackers, recently got the attention of several major technical news outlets.

Here are the links to their articles (they’ll open in a new tab):

  • “WordPress blogs defaced in hack attacks” – BBC News

  • “A Feeding Frenzy to Deface WordPress Sites” – WordFence

  • “Many WordPress Sites Hacked via Recently Patched Flaw” – Security Week

How Should I Protect My WordPress Site?

It’s simple … keep it up-to-date and back it up often.  We have several programs to help you with this chore.  Our basic program will update your site monthly.  There is also an enhanced program that will do all that, plus restore your hacked site at no additional cost, should it get compromised.

Call Drew at 508-476-3200 and he can provide you all the answers and get you signed up for the program of your choice.