Forms Security Improved

We are constantly working on your behalf to improve the security and performance of the web sites we host and manage. We’re pleased to announce that one of the packages we developed that displays forms has had its security improved.

Is A Man or a Machine Filling in My Form?

Our automatic form generator called AutoForm is used on a number of our customers’ sites and always had features installed to minimize the ability of non-human (ie: robots) to submit the form.  One of these is called a CAPTCHA field, and provides digits and letters in a visual format that is hard for computers to be programmed to read.

But hackers are always knocking at the door, so we have replaced this with a new type of CAPTCHA called reCAPTCHA that was developed by Google.  All the user has to do is click a check-box.  But clever programming behind the scenes allows the way this box is checked to differentiate between humans and robots.

The ReCAPTCHA field looks like this and will appear just above the Submit button:

Protects forms against Robots

Other Security Measures

We have introduced other security measures besides reCAPTCHA, but we’d rather not go into them here.

Has My Form Been Updated?

To tell if your form is one that has been updated look for something like this right under the Submit button:

AutoForm forms generator version

If your web site uses AutoForm you should see a marked drop in annoying SPAM submissions.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these new security measures.