Effective immediately, customers connecting to the following servers for FTP and phpMyAdmin can do so securely:

  • www7.infofind.com
  • www9.infofind.com
  • wp7.infofind.com

Anyone trying to use phpMyAdmin over non-secure HTTP will automatically be redirected to the secure URL.

FTP is done with explicit FTP-S on port 21. Please note that this is not SFTP, which uses a different protocol. Your client must support a minimum of TLS 1.0, although TLS 1.2 is preferred.

Filezilla Users: Please note that Filezilla requires the manual review and approval of the certificate that secures the FTP service. We are using a Comodo-issued certificate that should reflect the exact address of the server you are connecting to. If the certificate has an error, is not issued by Comodo or is not for the proper domain, you are not connecting to the right place.