WooCommerce Authorize.netWhen using the WooCommerce Authorize.net AIM module, don’t forget that the configuration needs a different API ID and Transaction Key when in Test Mode from that when in Production Mode.

This is because the module accesses the Authorize.net sandbox when in Test Mode, and this is an entirely different  server from that used in production.

When either the ID or Key are wrong you will get an error #E00007.  You will also get a debug message of “User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values.”

Note that the WooCommerce Authorize.net AIM module configuration remembers both sets of keys.

Signing up for a sandbox account

You can set up a Authorize.net sandbox account by going here.  An API ID and Transaction Key will be generated automatically once you have signed up.  The account is free.

Getting the WooCommerce AIM module

You can purchase the WooCommerce AIM module by clicking here.

This note may also apply to the CIM and DPM payment interface modules also.